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December 01, 2020

She's a Moneyboss Live 2020 - Rewire Your $. Your Life. Your Business.

Welcome to our 3 day She's a Moneyboss LIVE event for women entrepreneurs who are ready to welcome in more revenue, step confidently into their CEO power, keep more profits and have a bigger impact. 


This Event is for you if you are:


wanting to earn consistent revenue & keep more profit while getting off the rollercoaster of high and low earning months

sometimes feeling overwhelmed by your business, your money & your life

struggling with having a healthy relationship with money. There never seems to be enough.

feeling resistance around deserving rockstar clients & keeping them

feeling isolated, scared or shameful of your business decisions


wanting to step confidently into the leadership role in your business, call in more money, more desirable clients, keep more profits and have a bigger impact.

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Lessons from these workshops have been featured on both Global & CTV news!


 Now's your opportunity to join Selina's Moneyboss movement... join us!

Money Boss I

In this first of our two part Moneyboss series: we show you how to REINVENT the way you see and interact with your money. 


This workshop teaches you to align your budget with your life values & goals to connect to the reasons why you spend, and make meaningful & lasting financial change.


It also shows you to view money with a new perspective, and understand how your past money influences shape your personal money story.


No matter how much money you have, this workshop is an excellent way to ensure your money goals are ingrained in your day to day and change your money habits for good!

Money Boss II

In this second Moneyboss workshop, of the two part #moneyboss series:  we build on the foundational knowledge of Workshop I, reinventing the way you see money! 


This workshop teaches you to align your wealth building strategies with your life values and goals: determining what investments compliment your level of risk, familiarizing yourself with investment types, review questions to ask financial advisors, and learning passive income strategies suited for you and your moneystory...


This is where we focus on the power of income, developing multiple sources, and showcasing ways to become your version of wealthy! We even review ways to optimize cash flow, like paying off your mortgage years early!


Money Biz

This workshop teaches you how to master your business money mindset, discover your money story, as well as super awesome money tips for growing and streamlining your business.


 We focus on how to translate business ideas into action, avoid costly mistakes, showcase effective ways to stay organized, and help you develop business strategies for long-term growth