The Moneyboss VIP Intensive

A full day of customized money mastery. Money shifts in mind, body, soul: you’ll leave with as much automation as possible and a clear directive for your money. 

In this VIP transformation day, you don’t action the work, my team does. You provide the guidance and review all strategies but team Moneyboss puts them into action. You’ll leave feeling transformed and energized.

We take ACTION in 7 full hours together:

We deep dive into your money past - to identify money beliefs that no longer serve you

We identify challenges & successes so that we can create mastery for the year ahead

We build your 12-month cash flow plan by honoring the things you inherently value in your life

We execute your life automation. We create new accounts for the things you value to help reduce overspending and get you excited about bringing in abundance.

We help find ways for you to save and reduce unnecessary costs that DON’T serve you. We find ways to optimize your time (and automate areas to save you time so that you can spend it on things that bring you joy) and call in more alignment.

We keep your money as high vibe as possible. We’ll work on automating inefficiencies! Some client examples include automating all your bill payments, hiring out services with money saved from other areas of your budget, as well as creating a year-long customized action checklist. We will also work together to brainstorm extra ways to welcome money into your life.

The Moneyboss VIP intensive is a transformative experience.

You walk away feeling energized and ready to embrace your life & money in a new way. You’ll be filled with inspired actions.

To date, VIP clients have saved a minimum of $7,000/year from this one day intensive. Some have saved upwards of $20,000/year.  That means for these clients, the investment was more than fully covered, over a 200% return on your investment.

 It truly is an ultimate investment in yourself. (I can’t guarantee your savings will be in this range but transformation is expected)

For 7 hours of life-changing work apply here

We can do them in person or online.

Can’t wait to align, optimize and transform your money too!


Hi, I'm Selina Gray!

Chartered Professional Accountant, Money Relationship Expert

and Creator of Moneyboss Academy

For most of my life I had an obsession with money & numbers (and NOT in a good way)


There was no stopping my pursuit to be fabulously wealthy:


I was a firm believer in the hustle.


I worked 120 hour work weeks across 12 countries, with a team of 30 finance ninjas reporting reporting directly to me


I regularly told myself that once I amassed the perfect number to "rich", then I was free to take pause, find out what made me happy outside of work & actually meditate.


I was ALWAYS choosing work above friends & family


I was ALWAYS buying luxury brands like Louboutin & Burberry to fill my love tank.


Basically, my life was centred around praise. power. & money.


BUT then I started feeling sick. And I ignored it. I was busy working & achieving.


In 2011, I ended up with a lengthy hospital stay, blood transfusions 

& an auto-immune diagnosis. 

My life changed forever.


It was my wake up call - to find my highest self.


Today I'm a proud student of conscious wealth. And have dedicated my life to helping others free themselves from money toxicity & overwhelm & create richness from the inside out.


Money is simply energy. And you have the power to choose a new vibration.

I believe in you

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