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You could feel confident and empowered about your money decisions

You felt excited to check in on your bank accounts

You feel so secure with your finances you don't even know when it's payday

You have crafted a dream life that feels authentic and abundant

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This course is for you if:

You want to take control of how money shows up in your life

You want to feel super comfortable, confident, and secure with your money

You refuse to be held back and play small any longer

You want to give up struggling to keep financial consistency

You want to let go of hustling day & night and not seeing results in your bank account

You are ready to find out what real abundance feels like and up-level your wealth for good


Hi, I'm Selina Gray!

Chartered Professional Accountant, Money Relationship Expert

and Creator of Moneyboss Academy

For most of my life I had an obsession with money & numbers (and NOT in a good way)


There was no stopping my pursuit to be fabulously wealthy:


I was a firm believer in the hustle.


I worked 120 hour work weeks across 12 countries, with a team of 30 finance ninjas reporting reporting directly to me


I regularly told myself that once I amassed the perfect number to "rich", then I was free to take pause, find out what made me happy outside of work & actually meditate.


I was ALWAYS choosing work above friends & family


I was ALWAYS buying luxury brands like Louboutin & Burberry to fill my love tank.


Basically, my life was centred around praise. power. & money.


BUT then I started feeling sick. And I ignored it. I was busy working & achieving.


In 2011, I ended up with a lengthy hospital stay, blood transfusions 

& an auto-immune diagnosis. 

My life changed forever.


It was my wake up call - to find my highest self.


Today I'm a proud student of conscious wealth. And have dedicated my life to helping others free themselves from money toxicity & overwhelm & create richness from the inside out.


Money is simply energy. And you have the power to choose a new vibration.

I believe in you.

You deserve to live in abundance & craft a life of your wildest dreams


I know this because I have helped thousands of amazing humans change their money story, to see their limitless potential. To feel confidentempowered & say yes to their best life.


Choose you. Choose Moneyboss Academy.


In this course the effort you put in, will be the results you see.

 If you do the work, apply what you learn, you'll see massive results. <3



The principles of my course have graduated thousands of humans.

Some who’ve increased their net worth by 20x, saved $15,000/year, doubled/tripled their income & healed their unhealthy relationship to money.

Inside you'll get

online modules, videos, meditations, & workbooks


access to the Moneyboss Academy Facebook group 

& a bonus live Q&A!

Reduce your money anxiety, fears, and overwhelm

Feel empowered to create a relationship to money of your own understanding

Look beyond numbers to see the value of your money

Give yourself permission to align your money with your highest self

Learn breath & forgiveness techniques to enhance your money wisdom

Implement proven techniques to automate & systemize your money



Selina lives up to her title, MONEYBOSS! This incredible money guru brings in the practical money strategies, separates it from the emotions and stories we have about money to help you move forward in having a healthier, peaceful relationship with money. I love her courses and as a result of taking them, it has helped me be even more empowered in my own relationship with money. I no longer fear looking at my numbers, I feel in control of them, and I have tools to help me continue to create more flow and abundance in my life. I HIGHLY recommend taking her money workshops and programs, she is the REAL DEAL! 

Selina is a powerhouse of a woman. I love her for her raw, honest truth-telling, her unwavering belief in the potential of humans to own their financial literacy, and how much love pours out of her into the world. All of her truth bombs, inspiring stories and powerful knowledge have been an incredible gift in my life. She has truly made a difference in helping me feel in control and in harmony with my money.

I cannot express my thanks enough for all Selina has done for my family. The knowledge this woman possesses is incredible. Her  REAL LIFE, realistic strategies are such a breath of fresh air. I left her course determined to fix our finances (they weren't terrible but I was losing sleep over them).  I'm not sure I can even list all the ways she has improved my quality of life. Selina Gray is the best money I have ever spent! I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone and everyone! 



Mindset, patterns, and proven tools to help you manifest more abundance


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I've helped thousands of people change their relationship with money and transform their lives


I believe money is an inside job; it starts from within


If you do the work, apply what you learn, you'll see massive results

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