Financial Empowerment Coach


Selina is a CPA, CA & money relationship expert with over 15 years of experience reinventing finance for individuals, small business, and corporations. 


She has successfully managed and integrated various corporate acquisitions and served as controller for two internationally publicly traded companies. Selina has led an international team of over 30 finance ninjas.


As a proven Moneyboss, she's helped thousands of people change their relationship with money and transform their lives. Selina believes money is an inside job; it starts from within & requires an intimate knowledge of both emotions and practical money skills. 


Selina is mama to a feisty and very adorable toddler! Heel clicks and twirls are her love language.


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What's your money story? Does your budget align with your values? Have you had a money date lately? 


I can help you understand your habits and triggers surrounding money, and maximize your net worth.  My workshops are a great way to get in touch with your money and develop a healthy relationship with it.

It doesn't matter how much money you have, anyone can learn healthy money habits. Money is an inside job!

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You are a powerhouse of a woman. I love you for your raw, honest truth-telling, your unwavering belief in the potential of humans to own their financial literacy, and how much love puts out of you into the world. All of your heel clicks, truth bombs, inspiring stories and powerful knowledge have been an incredible gift in my life. You have truly made a difference in helping me feel in control and in harmony with my money.

Sarah Golby

There are not enough stars in the universe to describe Selina!!!

Joanne Britton

Selina gets it. She gets you and works to evolve your finances to suit you and how you think. Everything from the way she is able to break down a highly complicated financial situation into a ready-to-implement plan that is easy to understand, to the über professionalism she delivers in a down-to-earth manner, was completely top shelf.

​I would highly recommend Selina to anyone looking for advice, direction, or anything in the realm of personal financial planning. We were and are extremely impressed, and also very thankful for everything Selina did for us.

Brandon Kelm

I cannot express my thanks enough for all Selina has done for my family. The knowledge this woman possesses is incredible. The REAL LIFE, realistic budgeting is such a breath of fresh air. I left a presentation she gave determined to fix our finances (they weren't terrible but I was losing sleep over them) The next day I made a few phone calls based off her presentation and automatically saved myself $150/month. I was thrilled so I messaged her to tell her and next thing I knew we started working together towards getting my family debt free. I'm not sure I can even list all the ways she has improved my quality of life. My stress level has decreased significantly, we have extra money in our budget, or mortgage will be paid off sooner, we have no car payments etc. My husband and I no longer bicker about money and more importantly are having fun again!! Selina Gray is the best money I have ever spent! I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone and everyone! 

Des Dawn

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